Cannabis Oil

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is an extract that is concentrated by removal associated with dried plants or leaves regarding the cannabis plant. It’s not really an oil, but derives its title from the gluey and appearance that is oily. The objective of creating cannabis oil would be to make cannabinoids as well as other components that are beneficial such as for instance terpenes, obtainable in a highly focused form.

Medicinal cannabis oil removed from Bedrocan’s standardised items is presently only for sale in the Netherlands and Germany and it is extracted by 3rd events for patient’s only use. Bedrocan does not create nor offer oil.

  • For Netherlands, please go to the our contact web page for a summary of this neighborhood compounding pharmacist
  • For Germany, please consult the local pharmacist

Pharmacies in a lot of nations where medicinal cannabis is controlled are allowed to compound natural oils from standardised cannabis plant product (cannabis flos). Patients must be given a prescription from their doctor to be able to utilize natural oils that are to be used and dispensed for medicinal purposes.

Pharmaceutical organizations producing natural oils are susceptible to a production that is pharmaceutical for managed medications, granted by government regulators. Presently there are not any pharmaceutical organizations creating cannabis oil as a medication. This may improvement in the long term when a standardised, GMP-certified manufacturing technique becomes available, establishing the criteria for the manufacturing of cannabis oil as a pharmaceutical item.

The pharmacist makes cannabis that are medicinal at the cbd oil Transvaal Pharmacy, the Netherlands

Unregulated status

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